• Six-month leadership coach engagement between coach & coachee
  • Gain perspectives from others through interviews and assessments
  • Analyze 360 degree feedback
  • Develop an action-based Game Plan
  • Elevate your career by elevating your leadership
  • Executive, Leadership, Management, Millennial, and High Potential Coaching

Executive Coaching From Game Plan Leader

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The most successful organizations are not only using executive coaching, but also conducting high potential coaching, leadership coaching, millennial coaching, management coaching, strengths-based coaching, and performance coaching.  Our executive coach has the training and experience to assist your organization and leaders.  High potential coaching will enable you to prepare emerging leaders for the next step in their career.  Leadership coaching will assist coachees in elevating their leadership skills.  Management coaching will teach managers how to manage their teams.  Millennial coaching will assist millennials at all levels to communicate their needs and gain the clarity they need to be successful in their company culture.  Strengths-based coaching will use the Clifton StrengthsFinder to create a game plan to maximize the coachee’s strengths.  Performance coaching will include collecting and aligning with feedback to create a game plan to improve performance.  Today’s best leadership development programs include coaching!

In today’s busy world, people get stuck. Stuck in a challenging job, career decisions, challenging bosses, challenging teams, challenging feedback, and challenging work/life balance. Let our Executive Coach be someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, and to help organize your ideas into a Game Plan!

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“Two-thirds of high performing organizations use coaching to accelerate their high potential’s development.” - i4cp Institute for Corporate Productivity

Executive Coach

Mark Heydt Executive Coaching

Coaching C-Suite executives is helping leaders identify strategies to create their vision, improve their ability to influence and lead change, and their ability to coach.  These critical skills create space for innovation, business growth, and improved work/life balance.

Management Coach

Mark Heydt Executive retreats

Assisting Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Managers in building their leadership and management skills is critical to their success.  Our clients have improved team engagement, gained promotions, and improved their work/life balance.

High Potential Coach

Heydt High Po Talent training

Preparing the next generation of leaders is critical to the current and future success of the business.  These emerging leaders need assistance as they elevate and define leadership for their roles.  Our high potential clients have learned to create a clear strategic vision for their team, drive business transformation, and build an effective team.

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  • Focus on setting a vision
  • Templates to drive communication
  • Structure to effectively manage your team
  • Ideas to drive team engagement

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