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Author Mark Heydt

Have you ever had a decision that just felt right?  Almost like it was part of a bigger plan.  Everything lines up and there might as well be a giant neon sign pointing you down the path forward.

That is how I feel about this book.  I never wanted to be a leadership author.  I never thought I would be a business writer.   A special thanks to Advantage/ForbesBooks for working with me and publishing my first book as a leadership author.

Over the last year, I have created a leadership model called the Leadership Integration Model.  It has helped leaders through executive coaching and leadership development programs to define leadership for themselves.  But to effectively define leadership, we also need to define management and define what it is to be an individual contributor.  In the information age, these roles are overlapping and integrating.  Managers are doing more work then ever, and some are becoming what I define as an Exhausted Hero.  Through almost every coaching engagement I have conducted this year, this model has inspired change.  When I propose a leadership program for a corporation, they almost always choose my class on the Leadership Integration Model.

So, I guess I will become a coaching writer, an executive writer, a leadership writer, and a business writer.  I am stoked!

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